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Pa-Kua Sign Delivers Us from Evil.

This sign encapsulates the healing, balancing, harmonizing, righteous and loving powers in the universe.  It radiates and shields people with these powers.

One Yin and one Yang form what is called Tao (Yi-Ching).  According to archeological evidence, around twelve thousand years ago prehistoric ancients already knew how to utilize the positive and negative concepts of Yin and Yang.  About eight thousand years ago during the Emperor Fu-Shi Dynasty, the ancients began to use the male symbol —- to represent Yang and the female symbol —  — to represent Yin.  Yin-Yang and their interactions and interrelations were represented by the Tai Chi symbol (intertwined black and white “fishes” shown above).  During that time Yin and Yang were used in an algebraic formula (—- + – – )³, which produced the following results —-³ + —-² – – + —-  – –² + – –³ [exactly as in (a+b)³ = a³ + a²b + ab² + b³].

All eight three-trigrams lined diagrams (called trigrams) are called Pa-Kua.  At the most elemental level, each came to symbolize a natural phenomenon, which respectively are: Heaven, Wind, Fire, Lake, Thunder, Water, Mountain and Earth.  Five thousand years ago during the Yellow Emperor Dynasty, people imparted upon the Pa-Kua the principles of the Five-Element Theory, presented in the Yellow Emperor classes called Nei-Ching Su-Wen or “Internal Medicine”.  Consequently the Pa-Kua was aligned with the eight major points on the compass and assigned its intrinsic color.  Heaven is located northwest and is colored gold; wind, southeast and light blue; fire, south and red; lake, west and silver; thunder, east and blue; water, north and black; mountain, northeast and yellow; earth, southwest and brown/orange.

Beyond the level of physical laws, the eight trigrams represent all the remaining phenomenon in the universe, such as laws of spirituality, healing, economics, reproduction, success, etc…  For complete details, please consult The Great Tao and/or an Ordained Taoist Minister with TheQiInstitute and the Foundation of Tao.

Thousands of years of research and arranging with greatest efficiency all the universal concepts—multiple meanings on multiple levels— into a compact symbol of perfect balance finally resulted in what is called the Later Heaven Chart, pictured above.  Although many earlier, incomplete arrangements exist, the unique Later Heaven Chart has been proven in beneficial effectiveness throughout its five thousand year history.  No one should alter it for any reason; otherwise the energy of its perfect balance would be broken.  Where there is imbalance, people will know and suffer its devastating consequences: psychological and physical torment such as depression, distress, illness etc…  The emanation from all the laws and perfect balance of the universe encapsulated in the chart is the only power to counteract imbalance.  When balance is restored, happiness, health, healing, wisdom, success, etc. is restored.

Due to its environment-altering power, the Pa-Kua is the fundamental Fengshui chart.  Since every dwelling is constructed under limited circumstances or conditions, every dwelling possesses more or less some kind of defect.  In some cases the defects will never be remedied.  The easiest way to correct the problem is to simply hang one or more Pa-Kua posters (framed or unframed) wherever needed in the house.  The vibration of balanced energy will permeate instantaneously, promoting spiritual harmony leading to palpably happy atmospheres.

If meditation is done in front of this poster, the spiritual, mental and physical folds of the body will reach a high level of inner peace instantaneously.  Used this way it is a powerful tool for overall healing.

To enable more people to easily use the chart, a Pa-Kua poster is available for a limited time.  25″x 32″.  Quality printed exactly as it should appear, in brilliant colors with gold and silver foil embossing.  Framable (can be hung as a work of art in the office, living room, bedroom etc…).  A portion of the proceeds of each poster is a donation to Dr. Chang’s Foundation of Tao via TheQiInstitute.

Authorized by The Foundation of Tao.

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