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Dr. Stephen T. Chang & the Foundation of Tao, Inc.¬† have a partnership with¬† the Taiji Quan & Qigong Institute, LLC and we are able to offer Dr. Chang’s legendary Books & Forgotten Foods/Herbal Teas as well as Taoist Consultations.

As Ordained Taoist Ministers (through the Foundation of Tao and personally trained by Dr. Stephen T. Chang) and Scholars of Classical Chinese Health & Medicine we also offer workshops, lectures and classes on the following eight departments of Taoism:

  1. Taoist Philosophy
  2. Internal Exercise
  3. Diet and Nutrition
  4. Herbology/Forgotten Foods/Taoist Formulas
  5. Healing Arts
  6. Sexology
  7. Science of Management
  8. I-Ching Sciences

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