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Dr. Chan’s Brain Enhancer Imperial Formula

Now available in Micro-powder form (no capsules) and a larger 3oz. bottle. Same formula, same great benefits, just easier to use and a larger size!

Ingredients: Trichosanthes, Tribulus, Magnolia, Zizypyus, Sophora, Dogwood, Ginseng, Ginko, Angellica, Cloves, Licorice, Mint.

Combination’s Energy Level: Near Warm

Combination’s Taste: 65% Sweet, 20% Piquant, 10% Sour, 5% Bitter

Main Meridians: Primarily: SP; Secondarily: TH and L.


1. Energize the brain.

2. Promote learning.

3. Relieve stress and tension.

4. Relieve fatigue.

5. Retard aging.

6. Improve skin condition and complexion.

7. Improve sexual drive and ability.

8. Increase flow of oxygen to the blood cells and the brain.

9. No side effects, Non-toxic

10. Consistent (no resistance develops from long term use).

Unique Background

Brain Enhancer is a famous yet secret formula of the Qing Dynasty Imperial family, one especially favored by the Empress Dowager Ci Xi. It was formulated by Dr. Cui Guo-Yin, who came from a famous family of Chinese Medicine in Anhui province. He was professor to the Emperor as well as first envoy to the United Kingdom and ambassador to the United States of America. His formula was inherited by his great-grandson Dr. Stephen T. Chang.

A Natural, Herbal and Nutritional Wonder

Brain Enhancer is composed of pure herbal ingredients perfected by lengthy experience and stringent scientific study. Several studies to document its benefits were conducted in China, and it has been scientifically proven— in all its faculties and processes up to 36 times.

What is the Difference? Science proves:

In 1994, a physiological study was conducted by the Chinese South Polar Team, where Brain Enhancer was subjected to many double blind tests.

  • Results from the test included significant increases in memory-concentration and analytic-cognitive power. It is known that the human brain is subject to the following physiological constraints: when memory-concentration powers are high, analytic-cognitive powers are low, and when memory-concentration powers are low, analytic-cognitive powers are high. That is why for most of us when we are young, our memory-concentration abilities exceed our analytic-cognitive abilities; and when we age our analytic-cognitive abilities increase while our memory fades. With Brain Enhancer, however, both ends of the spectrum are boosted significantly. This is an absolutely unique property.
  • Studies have shown it can significantly boost memory recovery when memory is purposely blocked by alcohol or chemical use. A certain ingredient in Brain Enhancer quickly causes memory to recover, providing it’s proven intelligence boosting power.
  • In another study, the formula was proven to increase blood circulation in the brain as well as improve the metabolization of free radicals, thereby physically improving and toning the brain.
  • Another study by Ahui University showed improved nutritional feeding of not only brain cells, but also the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal and sexual glands. When these components of the immune system are strengthened, the system itself is inevitably strengthened.
  • In another study, Brain Enhancer was shown to have the ability to turn cancer cells that had become dull and dark with purple green coating to bright red within 48 hours, proving its effective oxygenating power. Further tests have proved that Brain Enhancer stimulates the central nervous system, increases arterial elasticity, improves the heart’s systolic pressure and improves eyesight. Additional tests have shown that Brain Enhancer has natural antibiotic activity against E.Coli and many other bacterial organisms.
  • Finally, Brain Enhancer has been proven to stimulate and regulate uterine and prostate glandular functions, thereby improving sexual function.

Case Studies From Three Major Hospitals

Case studies using Brain Enhancer have been performed by the Medical University Hospital, Chinese Medical College Hospital and Anhui Province Hospital—all three major hospitals in Anhui province. They have proven up to 92.2% rate of effectiveness for the following: heart palpitation and fibrillation, memory as well as speech loss, chronic fatigue, malnutrition, depression, headache, dizziness, insomnia, and frequent urination. Also, the formula was ranked satisfactorily against senility and Alzheimer’s disease and very good against mental retardation.

One Ounce of Prevention is Better than One Pound of Cure

For preventative purposes, according to Dr. Stephen Chang’s lengthy experience, Brain Enhancer energizes and promotes the intellect (learning, thinking and every other faculty and process of the brain), relieves stress and tension, relieves fatigue, retards aging, improves skin condition and complexion, and improves sexual drive and ability.

Another Reason why Brain Enhancer is Important

A terrible problem with today’s environment is the lack of oxygen. Cities by the ocean are supposed to have about 12% oxygen in the air, but due to pollutants, oxygen levels are actually reduced to about 7%. In inland cities or factory towns, the situation is much, much worse. This invisible enemy is one of the reasons why cancer rates are skyrocketing. If something can directly supply oxygen to the cells, it would be a godsend. Brain Enhancer appears to increase the flow of oxygen to the blood cells and to the brain, and it may provide the best defense yet against these problems, while relieving at the same time depression, irritability, aches and pains and so on.

Nutritional studies have also proven Brain Enhancer to have whole nutritional value. The formula is absolutely natural—no artificial colors or additives or chemical preservatives. Finally, as proven by lengthy experience, Brain Enhancer’s effective ingredients are completely safe, side effect free, non-toxic, consistent, and easy to use.

Disclaimer: In the herbal combinations that are listed the reader must realize that even though western pathological terms are used under commentaries, this does not mean that this site is prescribing herbal medicine. It is only a reference for the further comprehension of the reader. Please consult The Great Tao by Stephen T. Chang. These descriptions are excerpted from Dr. Chang’s translations and syntheses of ancient and current Chinese medical texts. These descriptions are not intended as medical recommendations nor as a substitute for sound medical advice. If you have a health problem, please consult a professional health practitioner. We make no claims about the effectiveness of these products. These descriptions are for educational/informational purposes only. The effectiveness of these formulas are currently unsubstantiated by Western science, whose methods of analysis are not yet applicable to understanding these complex formulas.

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