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Consider Tonic Oil for replacement with regards to topical massage and injury applications.  Also, consider Radiant Day Cream and Regenerating Night Cream as replacements. 

This combination has been historically famous.

Royal Jade Cream contains these costly active ingredients:

Jade, Lithospermum, Frankincense, Myrrh, Pearls, Sesame Oil

Helps generate new, healthy skin tissues and repairs old, unhealthy cells.

Removes scars, wrinkles and blemishes even moles (testimony of S.L.).

Makes the skin healthy and radiant.

Gives a tanned, radiant glow while prolonging a tan and minimizing sun-damage.

Forms a protective barrier from the effects of the pollution, wind and cold.

The physicians of the Royal Family of China have also reported a wide range of benefits when using Royal Jade Cream for symptoms like (or resembling) joints deformed by arthritis, herpes, sprained ankles, psoriasis, breast lumps, vaginal infections, skin cancer, spinal dysfunction, hemorrhoids, cataracts, glaucoma and eczema. Its effectiveness has been continuously proven over the centuries.

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