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Please consider “Cholesterol Formula”, Natural Immunity PlusFire Element or Heart as a possible replacement. 

Ingredients: Licorice (specially treated), Zingiber, Cinnamon, Jujube, Ginseng, Rhemannia, Ophiopogon, Sesame, Gelatin.

Combination’s Energy Level: Neutral.

Combination’s Taste: 65% Sweet, 20% Salty, 15% Piquant.

Main Meridians: Sedates H and SP primarily, energizes L much and TH secondarily. The remaining overall impact on other meridians is rather balanced; therefore, this combination places strong emphasis on sedating the heart directly and indirectly, while revitalizing the sexual glands. This combination is a heart “specialist.”


1. Myocarditis.

2. Fibrillation.

3. Rhythmic disorder.

4. Heart failure, heart attack.

5. Shortness of breath, soothing of the lungs.

6. Chest pain.

7. Cardiac asthma.

8. Hypertension.

9. Edema.

10. Coughing caused by heart trouble.

11. Lack of energy, constant fatigue.

12. Impotence.

13. Angina.

14. Fainting because of blocked neck artery.

Disclaimer: In the herbal combinations that are listed the reader must realize that even though western pathological terms are used under commentaries, this does not mean that this site is prescribing herbal medicine. It is only a reference for the further comprehension of the reader. Please consult The Great Tao by Stephen T. Chang. These descriptions are excerpted from Dr. Chang’s translations and syntheses of ancient and current Chinese medical texts. These descriptions are not intended as medical recommendations nor as a substitute for sound medical advice. If you have a health problem, please consult a professional health practitioner. We make no claims about the effectiveness of these products. These descriptions are for educational/informational purposes only. The effectiveness of these formulas are currently unsubstantiated by Western science, whose methods of analysis are not yet applicable to understanding these complex formulas.

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  1. Daniel D. (verified owner)

    My grandfather of 91 years old was about to have Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery, he had Angina and blocked valves. One week prior to surgery which had a risk of fatality because of his age i gave him this formula twice a day leading up to the surgery. On the day of operation it was cancelled due to lack of symptoms! i been giving him formula ever since and he has had zero angina fits or heart issues since.

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